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Business Calculus

Instructor Resources

Video: Sketching a Graph Given the First Derivative
Course Overview
Video: Sketching a Graph Given the First and Second Derivatives

Basics of Derivatives

Video: Graphing Function
Why It Matters
Putting It Together
Reading: Concept of Derivative

Revenue and Profit

Video: Introduction to Derivatives
Why It Matters
Interactive: Visualizing a Function and Its Derivative
Reading: Applied Optimization, Part I
Reading: Instantaneous Rate of Change and Tangent Lines
Interactive: Maximizing Volume
Video: Average Rate of Change
Video: Max and Min
Interactive: Average vs. Instantaneous Rate of Change
Video: Max Revenue
Interactive: Comparing Average Rate vs. Instantaneous Rate
Video: Max Profit
Reading: Tangent Lines
Reading: Applied Optimization, Part II
Interactive: Slope and the Derivative of a Function
Reading: Marginal Cost
Interactive: Tangent of f(x)
Video: Total and Marginal Cost (no derivative)
Differerentiate Linear Functions
Video: Marginal Cost, Revenue, and Profit (derivatives)
Reading: Derivatives Formulas
Reading: Elasticity
Differentiate Polynomial Functions
Video: Elasticity of Demand
Differentiate Radical and Rational Functions
Putting It Together
Video: Derivative of Basic Rational Functions

Totals from Rates of Change

Video: The Product Rule
Why It Matters
Video: The Quotient Rule
Reading: The Definite Integral
Video: The Chain Rule
Video: Area under the Curve Using Geometric Shapes
Differentiate Functions
Video: Area under the Curve Using Rectangles
Video: Derivatives of exponential functions with Base e
Video: Definition of the Definite Integral
Video: Higher Order Derivatives
Video: Interpret the Meaning of Area under the Curve
Interactive: How a Function and Its First and Second Derivative Are Related Graphically
Reading: Antiderivative Formulas
Putting It Together
Video: The Antiderivative

Instantaneous Rate of Change of a Function

Reading: Application of the Definite Integral
Why It Matters
Reading: The Definite Integral Applied to Area
Reading: Examples of Instantaneous Rates of Change
Video: Area between Two Curves
Video: Relative Extrema of a Function
Reading: Accumulation in Real Life
Video: Absolute Extrema
Reading: Average Value
Reading: Optimization
Video: Average Value
Video: Critical Points
Video: Equilibrium Point
Reading: Curve Sketching
Reading: Basics of Exponential Models
Video: Finding Where a Function Is Increasing and Decreasing
Reading: Continuous Income Stream
Video: Second Derivative Test for Max and Min
Video: Present and Future Values
Reading: Second Derivative and Concavity
Reading: Consumer and Producer Surplus
Video: Concavity of a Function
Video: Consumer and Producer Surplus
Video: Inflection Points
Interactive: Consumer Surplus
Video: Graphing a Function Using the First and Second Derivatives
Putting It Together