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Why It Matters

Use the concept of the total area under a graph to calculate totals from rates of change


You are financial advisor and have a client who wants to spend everything he earns. He is just starting out his career. It is your job to convince him to invest 10% of his starting salary with your firm. He makes $100,000 a year to start out with. He is a skeptic and wants you to prove to him (i.e. paper and pencil) that it would be a smart idea to that for the next 30 years. How would you do it?

Learning Outcomes

  • Reading: The Definite Integral
  • Video: Area under the Curve Using Geometric Shapes
  • Video: Area under the Curve Using Rectangles
  • Video: Definition of the Definite Integral
  • Video: Interpret the Meaning of Area under the Curve
  • Reading: Antiderivative Formulas
  • Video: The Antiderivative
  • Reading: Application of the Definite Integral
  • Area between Curves
  • Reading: The Definite Integral Applied to Area
  • Video: Area between Two Curves
  • Reading: Accumulation in Real Life
  • Reading: Average Value
  • Video: Average Value
  • Video: Equilibrium Point
  • Reading: Basics of Exponential Models
  • Reading: Continuous Income Stream
  • Video: Present and Future Values
  • Reading: Consumer and Producer Surplus
  • Video: Consumer and Producer Surplus
  • Interactive: Consumer Surplus