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Intermediate Algebra

Course Contents

Solve Systems by Elimination
Course Contents at a Glance
Putting it Together: Linear Systems
Learning Outcomes

Module 7: Exponents

Module 0: Review

Why It Matters: Exponents
Why It Matters: Review
Introduction to Applying Exponent Rules
Terms and Expressions with Exponents
Real Numbers
Product and Quotient Rules
The Power Rule for Exponents
Introduction to Using the Order of Operations
Negative and Zero Exponent Rules
Simplify Expressions With the Order of Operations
Find the Power of a Product and a Quotient
Use the Distributive Property to Simplify
Putting It Together: Exponents
Introduction to Arithmetic With Fractions

Module 8: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Why It Matters: Polynomials
Multiplying Fractions
Introduction to Algebraic Operations on Polynomials
Dividing Fractions
Define and Evaluate Polynomials
Putting It Together: Review
Sums and Products of Polynomials

Module 1: Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions

Multiply a Trinomial and a Binomial
Why It Matters: Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions
Divide Polynomials Part I
Introduction to Classifying and Defining Properties of Real Numbers
Divide Polynomials Part II
Classify Real Numbers
Putting it Together: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions
Use Properties of Real Numbers

Module 9: Factoring

Evaluate Algebraic Expressions
Why It Matters: Factoring
Introduction to Solving Multi-Step Linear Equations
Introduction to Factoring Trinomials
Multi-Step Equations
The Greatest Common Factor
Solve Equations with the Distributive Property
Factor a Trinomial with Leading Coefficient = 1
Classify Solutions to Linear Equations
Introduction to Special Cases
Introduction to Problem Solving
Special Cases - Squares
Set Up a Linear Equation to Solve an Application
Solve an Application Using a Formula
Pythagorean Theorem
Putting It Together: Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions
Putting It Together: Factoring

Module 2: Linear Inequalities

Module 10: Rational Expressions and Equations

Why It Matters: Linear Inequalities
Why It Matters: Rational Expressions and Equations
Introduction to Solving Single-Step and Multi-Step Inequalities
Introduction to Operations With Rational Expressions
Describe Solutions to Inequalities
Define and Simplify Rational Expressions
Solve Inequalities
Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions
Introduction to Solving Compound Inequalities
Add and Subtract Rational Expressions
Describe Sets as Intersections or Unions
Complex Rational Expressions
Solve Compound Inequalities—OR
Introduction to Rational Equations and Their Applications
Solve Compound Inequalities—AND
Solve Rational Equations
Solve Absolute Value Inequalities
Putting it Together: Linear Inequalities
Applications with Rational Equations

Module 3: Graph Linear Equations and Inequalities

Putting It Together: Rational Expressions and Equations
Why It Matters: Graph Linear Equations and Inequalities

Module 11: Roots and Rational Exponents

Introduction to Graphing Linear Equations in Two Variables
Why It Matters: Roots and Rational Exponents
Graph Linear Equations
Introduction to Simplifying Roots and Rational Exponents
Graph Using Intercepts
Define and Evaluate Roots
Introduction to Graphing Linear Inequalities
Radical Expressions and Rational Exponents
Putting it Together: Graph Linear Equations and Inequalities
Simplify Radical Expressions

Module 4: Functions and Function Notation

Introduction to Algebraic Operations with Radical Expressions
Why It Matters: Functions and Function Notation
Multiply and Divide Radical Expressions
Introduction to Functions and Their Notation
Add and Subtract Radical Expressions
Define a Function
Multiple Term Radicals
Function Notation
Rationalize Denominators
Evaluate Functions
Introduction to Equations with Radicals
Introduction to Graphs of Functions
Solve Radical Equations
Graph Linear Functions
Applications with Radical Equations
Graph Quadratic Functions
Putting it Together: Roots and Rational Exponents
Introduction to Domain and Range

Module 12: Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers

Domain Restrictions
Why It Matters: Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers
Find Domain and Range From a Graph
Introduction to Quadratic Equations
Putting it Together: Functions
Quadratic Equations

Module 5: Linear Functions

Square Roots and Completing the Square
Why it Matters: Linear Functions
The Quadratic Formula
Introduction to Characteristics of Linear Functions and Their Graphs
Introduction to Complex Numbers
Calculate and Interpret Slope
Imaginary and Complex Numbers
Graph Linear Functions Using Slope and y-Intercept
Add and Subtract Complex Numbers
Introduction to Equations of Linear Functions
Multiply and Divide Complex Numbers
Write the Equation of a Linear Function Part I
Introduction to Quadratic Equations with Complex Solutions
Write the Equation of a Linear Function Part II
Quadratic Equations With Complex Solutions
Model an Application With a Linear Function
The Discriminant
Putting it Together: Linear Functions
Putting it Together: Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers

Module 6: Linear Systems

Removed Links

Why It Matters: Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Introduction to Polynomial Functions
Introduction to Solving Systems in Two Variables
Define and Identify Polynomial Functions
Solutions for Systems of Linear Equations
Graphs of Polynomial Functions
Solve Systems by Substitution