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Why It Matters

Model growth and decay with exponential functions and solve equations using logarithms


You are a city planner, and it is your job to make sure your city is prepared to handle the demands of the future inhabitants. The time to start planning for future schools, roads, busses, libraries, and so on 25 years from now is not 24 years down the road. You must start forecasting now and preparing now for what is to come a decade or more down the road. So how do you actually do this? Is it pure luck (i.e. throwing darts at a dartboard), or can you strategically apply math to help solve this situation?

Learning Outcomes

  • Model percent growth or decay using exponential functions
  • Interpret exponential functions as percent growth or decay
  • Evaluate and graph exponential functions
  • Evaluate logarithmic expressions
  • Use logarithmic properties to rewrite logarithmic expressions
  • Use logarithms to solve exponential equations
  • Solve logarithmic equations

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