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Discussion: Measurement

Define a real-world example of a problem involving units of measurement and try to solve it using what you learned about measurement in this module. Present the problem and the solution to the rest of the class. View the problems posted by your classmates and respond to at least two. Read the Measurements Application Directions for detailed directions.
Grading Criteria Points Possible
The problem:
  • Is it a real-life problem?
  • Is it challenging, not trivial?
The strategies:
  • Are one or more general problem solving strategies used?
  • Are the strategies correctly identified?
The presentation:
  • Is the problem explained well?
  • Are the problem solving strategies explained well?
  • Are the appropriate terms used?
Your responses:
  • Did you post at least two responses?
  • Did you explain how the examples helped you better understand the math in this module?
  • Did you ask questions for clarification or make suggestions on how to change or improve the original application posting or any other follow-up postings?

Measurements Application Directions

Pick a problem

Find a problem in your home, school, or work life that you can solve using the measurement math that you learned in this unit. Consider situations related to cooking, construction, healthcare, shopping, or converting between standard and metric systems.

Solve the problem

Use the conversion methods learned in this section to solve your problem.  The better you use the appropriate mathematics to correctly solve the problem, the more points you will earn.

Present the problem and your solution to the others in the class

Post a message in the application discussion forum for this unit.  In your message, describe the problem and how you solved it.  Use the equation editor as necessary to show the mathematical operations.  The better you communicate, the more points you will earn.  If you enjoy and know how to use multimedia, such as video, audio, and graphics, you may use those as well, but this is not required.

View and respond to the measurement problems submitted by your classmates

Pick two of your classmates’ applications that were particularly helpful to you.  Write a response to each, explaining in a paragraph or two why their applications helped you better understand the mathematics for this section or better understand how the mathematics for this section could be used outside of class.

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