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Discussion: Describing Data

Locate a set of data that has been represented graphically. Ideally this will be information about a subject that interests you personally, related to your hobby, your home life, your major, etc.
  1. Identify what the data is, and where it comes from. Include a link to the source, or copy the image directly in your discussion post.
  2. Define what type of graphical representation it is, using the terminology in this section.
  3. Describe the story of what this data can tell us. What is the overall purpose of this data? What is the main "takeaway" idea you get from it? What are some interesting details or examples you see in it?
  4. What action might someone take based on what they learn from this data?
  After posting, respond to at least two other classmates. Add additional notes about information you learn from the data they've shared, or suggest other alternative "takeaway" ideas you might get from it. Compare the type of data, and the way it's represented, from what you posted yourself or have seen in other posts in the thread.
Grading Criteria Points Possible
The data:
  • Is the source described?
  • Is a way to view the data shared (either by link or by pasting the image in the discussion)?
  • Is the data in a visual form?
The interpretation:
  • Is the type of graphic representation correctly identified?
  • Is the purpose of the data identified?
  • Are takeaway ideas discussed?
  • Are examples discussed?
The presentation:
  • Is the purpose of the data explained well?
  • Are the appropriate terms used?
Your responses:
  • Did you post at least two responses?
  • Did you add to the interpretation or analysis of the data in the graphic representation?
  • Did you ask questions for clarification or make suggestions on how to change or improve the original application posting or any other follow-up postings?

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