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Review Topics for Success

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will be able to:
  • Identify and graph a linear inequality in two variables
  • Identify whether an ordered pair is in the solution set of a linear inequality
  • Identify solutions to systems of linear inequalities
  • Graph systems of linear inequalities
  • Interpret graphs and solutions to systems of linear inequalities
  • Write and graph a system of inequalities that models a given situation
You'll explore techniques in this module that will help you set up and interpret situations involving systems of two or three linear equations and systems involving non-linear inequalities. You've already learned about identifying and graphing linear equations, but a good understanding of linear inequalities and systems of linear inequalities will be necessary before beginning your study of non-linear inequalities. Warm up for this module by refreshing important concepts and skills you'll need for success. As you study these review topics, recall that you can also return to Algebra Essentials any time you need to refresh the basics.

Recall for success

Look for red boxes like this one throughout the text. They'll show up just in time to give helpful reminders of the math you'll need, right where you'll need it.

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