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Home Page

Your home page is the gateway to all the courses you are teaching and taking, as well as your new messages, and a news feed of the recent posts to the Lumen OHM community forum.

Course Pages

Click into a course and you will see a banner on the left that includes 5 categories of features:
  • Communication - your course-level message and  forum access. Read messages from students in this class and enter the forums you have created for this class
  • Tools - Manage your roster, gradebook and calendar from here.  Set your gradebook categories, method for calculating grades, and manage student grades. Add or lock-out students, or export an Excel file of your roster. Change due dates with the drag and drop editing feature in the calendar
  • Questions - Create and manage libraries that you have created, or preview the tens of thousands of questions written and shared by other faculty across the country.
  • Course Items - Copy template courses, courses from other faculty at your institution, and export CC (Common Cartridge) files for import into your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle).
  • Mass Change - Change the dues dates of all your assessments at once based on a previous term's dates, change settings and features for course blocks and forums.

Course Items

Items are the building blocks that allow you to create structure in your course using assessments, web links, video lists, and text links. Make video showing how a template course is organized using blocks, assessments, links, forums, and bits of the calendar.

Training Course

From your home page you can access the training course.  The training course contains tons of videos so you can explore the vast number of features available in Lumen OHM on your own time. Check out the quickstart videos if you want to get started and don't have a lot of time to explore (I'm sure there's a stack of grading sitting around somewhere...).  Modules in the training course cover:
  • Using Lumen OHM as a student
  • Creating and copying courses
  • Adding items and structure to your course
  • Copying and creating assessments
  • Managing students and the gradebook
  • Many other advanced features that you will want to explore as you become more familiar with Lumen OHM.