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Put it Together

494px--USE_LEFTOVERS_-_MARK_OF_A_GOOD_COOK_-_STUDY_YOUR_'ARMY_COOK'_FOR_RECIPES,_IDEAS-_-_NARA_-_515949 While the forgotten food in your fridge may not be what you spend your work day dreaming about devouring when you get home, those jumbled bits and pieces can be used to create something tasty enough to satisfy your hunger. Hopefully this module offered you enough tidbits to keep you full long enough to get to the next section, where you will learn how to put these forgotten skills to work as you continue to grow your mathematical prowess. Remember, you can come back to this review any time throughout the course for practice dividing fractions, simplifying with square roots, or whatever you might need to help you learn the concepts in this course more easily.