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Study Guides > Mathematics for the Liberal Arts

Optional Discussion Boards

There are two optional Discussion Boards in this course: speech-bubbles-303206_640

  • Go to Discussion Board > Open Discussion to ask questions, answer questions, post current event examples, or contribute insights related to the reading. You can also use this forum to form study groups. You will use this board throughout the duration course. It is not specific to this module.
  • Go to Discussion Board > Problem Solving Homework Discussion to discuss issues you are having with the homework or to help your classmates with their questions. There will be a different homework discussion board for each module. They are specific to each module.

Licenses & Attributions

CC licensed content, Original

  • Mathematics for the Liberal Arts I. Provided by: Extended Learning Institute of Northern Virginia Community College Located at: https://online.nvcc.edu/. License: CC BY: Attribution.

CC licensed content, Shared previously