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I pasted a query from a forum to the input box and it came out funny. What did I do wrong?

You probably did nothing wrong, but the query is likely faulty. There could be a few reasons.

Maybe you didn’t paste ALL of the expression, so there is a missing parenthesis. Try pasting the expression again.

If the expression was marked correctly, then the original query was probably faulty. The common issues are missing brackets, or misspelled operations. Try inserting the expression by hand and see if the problem persists. If it does, please write us a feedback.

I got a final solution, but no steps. Why?

Sometimes Symbolab reaches a correct solution, but comprehensive steps weren’t matched. In that case only the final solution is presented.

I didn’t get a solution at all. Why?

It is usually one of three reasons:

The input isn’t valid: This case usually occurs when there is a missing parenthesis, or the parentheses not in the right place. The most common instance is when an expression is copied from a document, or a forum, where the writing wasn’t meticulous enough. For instance, when pasting "e^(x+3=4", the input is evaluated as The good thing is that the input, once pasted into the textbox, will be obviously flawed, so the fix should be easy.

The problem is not in our Scope: If the problem is not in Symbolab’s current scope, then this message will also appear. Feel free to feedback us by clicking the floating feedback button on the right side of the screen. We always appreciate any feedback that helps us improve.

Way, way hard: Sometime the problem is just really, really, hard. Sometimes it is so hard that there are no known solutions (in the world!). Here is an example If you still managed to eventually solve it – please tell us how!

Should I leave my email address when I feedback?

It’s really up to you. Leaving an email enables us to give advice if something with the input was faulty. It can also help us to contact you in order to better understand the problem.

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